About us

Fabric is our passion!

We love fluff and cuddlies, smooth and silkies, soft and vibrants.  We love fabric.  We love unique custom fabrics of all types.  We offer only the best quality fabrics in new, innovative designs for all your creative projects.  

  • Jersey Knits
  • French Terry
  • Performance Knit with Moisture Management / Swim
  • Woven Poplin
  • Minky
  • PUL

There are three ways to get your hands on our sweet fluff:    

  1. Presale Shop.  Every few months we introduce our newest designs and open them up for sale before the fabric has printed.  These presales are custom orders where you may select your preferred fabric and quantity in the designs offered at a discount.  It takes a minimum of 3 months to receive your presale orders.  Status updates are posted in the Facebook Events page for the specific printing round.  

  2. Retail Shop.  Designs stocked under this section are extras from the presale orders and are in-stock and ready to ship.  

  3. Sugar Ink BST. If you are looking for a specific design, try posting to or browse through the Sugar Ink Buy-Sell-Trade Facebook Page.  Our members enjoy helping each other out so if you are In-Search-Of (ISO) something or simply need help with a project, post a shout out!

Our team

We're sewists with a passion to create

Join us on Facebook to discover the latest designs and creations made with our awesome fabric.  Need tips on your project or have your own ideas to share-to-print join the group and/or PM us through the group.  We're here to share and help!

Sugar Ink Admins

Nessa Thomas

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Tara Colleen Parker
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I have to take a second to compliment the customer service of Sugar Ink Fabric. I order a lot of custom fabric and I am so impressed by the great communication with customers as well as the very thoughtful packaging of the fabric I ordered. Just top notch service!

Rosanna M.

Seriously this fabric is AH-MAZING!!! Thank you for great quality!

Jessica B.

!!! THIS IS HOW YOU SHIP AN ORDER! Sugar Ink you have nailed it. Professional packaging insert and fabric wrapped to protect it. I have spent so much money on custom fabric and your package was exciting to open because it made me feel like you put some thought to it. First one I've ever received like this. Will definitely be ordering more!

Cynthia J.

First project with Sugar Ink....it is love! Beautiful colors, and amazing to work with!

Nicole W.